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Fatacy's experiment 3 shows primitive gravity model called Angular Momentum Force (AMF). 
I dare say that there are Odd and Even world, this discrimination is too profound to sit aside near around, other expression this idea support digital calculation to the edge of universe faraway over dimension limits. 
Anyhow, to define nucleus time world should be put proton to center when Atomic number is Odd, and then 4Be Beryllium Vicissitude is quite rare phenomenon shaped dual tetrahedrons that is directly 2 helium with one neutron as gluon.
One more rule is gateway helium prepared next alpha rays and nucleus exit portal.
The seven most widely recognised magic numbers as of 2007 are 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, and 126 (sequence A018226 in OEIS).
Suddenly this Magic numbers gave me an answer about Even side world.

Message to seekers of universal truth, but has nothing to do with the economy or acts of entertainment these indeed.
I will describe total atom figure later, but please pay attention another Even world in each atom inside from wikipedia.
One event here between Even and Odd edge in mathematic, so called dimension as a simply expression.
There are three exceptions helium, beryllium, ion atom, and also I should pay attention for 14N 7 neutrons and 40Ca, after another opportunities.

1H   99.985% 1H is stable with 0 neutrons
4He   99.999863%* 4He is stable with 2 neutrons
7Li   92.5%   7Li is stable with 4 neutrons
9Be   100% 9Be is          stable with 5 neutrons
11B   80.1(7)%   11B is stable with 6 neutrons
12C   98.9%   12C is stable with 6 neutrons
14N   99.634%              14N is stable with 7 neutrons
16O   99.76%   16O is stable with 8 neutrons
19F   100%   19F is stable with 10 neutrons
20Ne   90.48%   20Ne is stable with 10 neutrons
23Na   100%   23Na is stable with 12 neutrons
24Mg   78.99%   24Mg is stable with 12 neutrons
27Al   100%   27Al is stable with 14 neutrons
28Si   92.23%   28Si is stable with 14 neutrons
31P   100%   31P is stable with 16 neutrons
32S   95.02%   32S is stable with 16 neutrons
35Cl   75.77%   35Cl is stable with 18 neutrons
40Ar   99.600%   40Ar is stable with 22 neutrons
39K   93.26%   39K is stable with 20 neutrons
40Ca   96.941%   >5.9×10^21(From the birth of the universe before) y (β+β+)  0.194 40Ar
45Sc   100%   45Sc is stable with 24 neutrons
48Ti   73.8%   48Ti is stable with 26 neutrons
51V   99.75%   51V is stable with 28 neutrons
52Cr   83.789%   52Cr is stable with 28 neutrons
55Mn   100%   55Mn is stable with 30 neutrons
56Fe   91.72%   56Fe is stable with 30 neutrons



  Milestones  of  progress  in  astrophysics

Pauli exclusion principle is working even inside fermi surface, but each protons repulsive force is enormous.
Odd side world sample 

fatacy's comment: I can't imagine Even side world in Magnetosphere, but I hope there are good proportionate in E-zone, probably, and nucleus inside world governed time type 2.
I can show you eccentric coupled matter wheeler.
(June 2014)