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Fatacy's experiment 3 shows primitive gravity model called Angular Momentum Force (AMF). 

Only a few substances are ferromagnetic. The common ones are iron, nickel, cobalt.
Chromium has the atomic number 24, 52Cr 83.789% 52Cr is stable with 28 neutrons, antiferromagnetic 
Manganese has the atomic number 25, 55Mn 100% 55Mn is stable with 30 neutrons, paramagnetic
Iron  has the atomic number 26, 56Fe 91.72% 56Fe is stable with 30 neutrons, ferromagnetic
-----------------------------------------------------58Fe 0.28% 58Fe is stable with 32 neutrons, ------------------------
Cobalt  has the atomic number 27, 59Co 100% 59Co is stable with 32 neutrons, ferromagnetic
Nickel  has the atomic number 28, 60Ni 26.223% 60Ni is stable with 32 neutrons, ferromagnetic
Copper has the atomic number 29, diamagnetic

There is hidden magic between 28 to 30 neutrons, this will be mysteries of enormous star and Black hole destiny.
Photodisintegration is endothermic (energy absorbing) for atomic nuclei lighter than iron and sometimes exothermic (energy releasing) for atomic nuclei heavier than iron.

Ultima design Niche time type between 2 and 3 governed by utmost even in time type 1 with this 2 formula iron atom to helium at Hypernova incidents. 



角運動量フォース AMF エッジング使命は多忙である。

  Milestones  of  progress  in  astrophysics

Magnetar SGR 0418  NASA

This graphic shows an exotic object in our galaxy called SGR 0418+5729 (SGR 0418 for short). As described in our press release, SGR 0418 is a magnetar, a type of neutron star that has a relatively slow spin rate and generates occasional large blasts of X-rays.

The only plausible source for the energy emitted in these outbursts is the magnetic energy stored in the star. Most magnetars have extremely high magnetic fields on their surface that are ten to a thousand times stronger than for the average neutron star. New data shows that SGR 0418 doesn't fit that pattern. It has a surface magnetic field similar to that of mainstream neutron stars.

In the image on the left, data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory shows SGR 0418 as a pink source in the middle. Optical data from the William Herschel telescope in La Palma and infrared data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope are shown in red, green and blue.

fatacy's comment: To contemplate, the mechanism of hydrogen ions generated in the photosynthesis of plants, using electronic from the beta decay of the isotope 40Ca calcium, and is applied to the pumping of the chair distorted  in the manganese oxide Mn4CaO5.
(July 2014)
Mom with Gaia in Titom Time Type 2 frame Photodisintegration in a core-collapse supernova undoes hundreds of thousands of years of nuclear fusion by splitting the iron nuclei into helium nuclei and neutrons.

fatacy's comment: Fission with a focus on helium, circulation of nuclear fusion has appeared, It is the Tirom's space cycle time type 2.
On the other hand, it might be many many big bangs changed the appearance by Supernova material circulation even in small galaxy, could be called parallel dimension.
fatacy's comment: 

Germanium 64 is tetrahedral 3 layer, sooner or later I will draw, may be in next chapter.

Oxygen is very significant in atom series, showed "Rock-forming elements" with Silicon and Iron.

These 4 Helium tetrahedron is free rotating in Fermi surface, but severely formed triangle keeping quantum colored policy.

One more cookies for your brain H2O is sandwich material around Helium, even earth's water supported solar vapor circulation, you will find galactic 4D vapor streams like niagara falls someday.

Next week in my schedule tricky Neon will in your scenery.
One more stream of atom Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and so on.
- Aug,9th,2014

fatacy's comment: 

This Neon is really colorful atom, but mainly gas.

Helium switch included series like Silicon, Iron, on the whole, I can't imagine on attribute about this charming atom precisely. 

Order of neon and oxygen is reversed in the onion slice "root page in Titom", but the reason is not clear.

Anyway, this Neon is a leading actress even in dark matter world.

In my Impression, I believe as supply delivery engine materials of all atoms neon next to helium, so she was nominated one of magic number.

And then, Next schedule Beryllium as representative of Odd number runner.
- Aug,23rd,2014

fatacy's comment: 

I was bothered for a long time why Beryllium whether the nature of the metal. Thus, rather than rotating atom equatorial plane, it was put into the space Helium two structures.

A good analogy is, at the source of the Carbon production, Beryllium is like a ping-pong ball supplying the neutron and Helium at the same time in the world of nuclear fusion.

Should be noted when we consider the nucleus, is the presence of Odd neutron. Ferromagnetic and diamagnetic are swapped round and round with often, which originate gamma ray root.

It was the equilateral triangle, and because I thought should be fixed more in the limited space of the nucleus inside than isosceles triangle.

To the next weekend I will challenge to sculpture of Lithium which is most ambiguous cloud, so called Halo, in atom world.
- Aug,30th,2014

fatacy's comment: 

This is the result of a struggle.

Please try to guess a solitary neutron, it will be an equilateral triangle with the exception of it.

Tritium and helium are important components of the universe.

As you may have noticed already, but the proton moves away as possible from the Fermi surface in principle, it can gather in the center of the sphere, on the other hand, neutron flock to the Fermi surface to the equator of the nucleus, it becomes halo depends on increased gradually in isotope count.

Next week round, Calcium will be participated, 
a substance Rube Goldberg to Lithium or more of the time. 
At last I'll add a new chapter to continue the trip.
- Sep,6th,2014