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Fatacy's experiment 3 shows primitive gravity model called Angular Momentum Force (AMF).

Atom corner bakery will touch Lead and Gold as final destination if you can manipulate Lead to Gold, I don't mind except from Iron switching on. 

Day is required after several decades will come to work to map the interior of the nucleus. You will look back fondly to the had a play throw stones at the water surface Lac Leman in Geneva using a collider By that time.

I observe the rules of several Upon navigation tasks.

Gravity matter regarded as a signal radiation from the atomic nucleus alpha, beta, gamma, Neutrinos maintain a tetrahedral structure Helium as α-ray source, and further without losing the relationship of an equilateral triangle strictly, this is linked to the color dynamics of atomic nuclei.

Another, it divided in the equatorial plane in principle is that I draw a relationship between the neutron and proton respectively, and the presence of the equatorial plane to deploy not only two dimensional, or to four dimension theory, but also 2 electrons in k-orbit as a launch pad.




  Milestones  of  progress  in  astrophysics

Long-sought neutrinos answer burning question about the Sun

Underground lab catches low-energy particles that reveal crucial proton-proton fusion reaction.

Neutrinos from the Sun were detected in when they crossed the Borexino detector's 'inner vessel', a nylon sphere 8.5 metres across filled with purified benzene.

For example, tiny mismatches between the rate of energy production indicated by neutrino detection and the energy from photons in the sunlight that reaches Earth could signify the presence of dark matter, the hypothetical invisible material believed to account for most of the mass in the Universe, says astrophysicist Aldo Serenelli of the Institute of Space Sciences in Bellaterra, Spain. Experiments may also be able to test how well models describe the transformation of electron neutrinos into two other types — tau neutrinos and muon neutrinos — as they travel from the solar core.

Nature doi:10.1038/nature.2014.15779
Mom with Gaia in Titom Time Type 2 frame fatacy's comment: 

Calcium 40 and Germanium 64 is reserved.

The structure is being complicated and proton neutron in the nucleus is integrated inevitably.

I believe that Calcium 40 continues to radiate a β-ray beyond the space age in particular, and might be a slight gap that occurs in the combination of octahedral and tetrahedral both of strong personality.

Proton numbers of Silicon, Calcium, Iron is 14, 20, 26.
Can you feel some kind of regularity about Rock-forming elements graph. 
Calcium is midpoint of Silicon and Iron, but with no switch.

I will introduce in another opportunity also for Magnesium.
- Sep,13th,2014

fatacy's comment: 

Titom theory was not forced to cross the Rubicon river finally.

Photodisintegration is endothermic (energy absorbing) for atomic nuclei lighter than iron and sometimes exothermic (energy releasing) for atomic nuclei heavier than iron.  - from Wikipedia

Thus, the reason is not something generated by nuclear fusion in the interior of the star, to the future, Gold, Lead, and Plutonium are also drawn in quantum spin style.

The fission of small nuclides, laser nano size and high energy density of the United States NIF would be effective in the control of the interior nucleus as a manipulator to uranium-238.

The laser light will be illuminated on the boundary line of Atom spin equator, with the exception of iron nuclei.

I will introduce in another opportunity also for Magnesium.
- Sep,20th,2014

fatacy's comment: 

This magnesium is very clever. I present these words below.
"Silent words worth"

I will show you at another chapter which Uranium describe and play key role this material.

Very nice combination with pregnant Silicon garden where our life condensed like Jam and beautiful scenery within 69 aged video.

Well, I do not forget Oxygen, he played important part of space mission with mom Neon, either.
- Sep,27th,2014