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Dual Torus
Dark side world
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Dual Torus is an aviator leads to next dimension with you, which also abstract model for invisible 4th dimension from our Milky Way.

Universe in motion by the balance of gravity and repulsive.
And, one of the repulsive force source is jet phenomenon from the Black Hole, Pauli exclusion principle in the electron orbit is also an example.





  Milestones  of  progress  in  astrophysics

Red Arrow: This rotating force (AMF) is concerning for Galaxy formation, evolution and Hubble tuning fork diagram of galaxy morphology, Branched galaxy.
Within a massive, evolved star (a) the onion-layered shells of elements undergo fusion, forming an iron core (b) that reaches Chandrasekhar-mass and starts to collapse. The inner part of the core is compressed into neutrons (c), causing infalling material to bounce (d) and form an outward-propagating shock front (red). The shock starts to stall (e), but it is re-invigorated by a process that may include neutrino interaction. The surrounding material is blasted away (f), leaving only a degenerate remnant.

fatacy's comment: Black arrows derived from galactic tetrahedron gravity frame, and then stabilize time type 3 space as Black hole source.

Red arrows arrived Hubble telescope lens through time type 1 space.

Red circle is the edge of time reflow and Present cursor is ceased with as famous Event Horizon.
(May 2014)

Mom Super-Nova Time Type 2 frame

Periodic table showing the origin of elements